Latest > Bridge Quay

Visionary Regeneration

Urban & Civic approached Village to market the conversion of a former commercial building into residential units on Bristol’s floating harbour. The building is being transformed into highly specified apartments in one of the best waterfront locations in Bristol.


Our brief was to focus on the fantastic waterfront location and high specification of the apartments. Also to use the prominent and highly visible location to create strong interest during the 18-month build programme.


Fortunately for Village our client was brave enough trust us with the idea of a ‘pop-art’ style image covering most of the building of a girl yelling ”I just adore Bristol” underpinned by the line “wake up to the city”. Bridget (Bridge-it) certainly created an impact; on the day the giant mesh was being fixed to the scaffolding and unveiled by abseilers hanging off the top of Bridge Quay, crowds of people gathered to watch and take photographs.


The sales material including brochure
and site hoarding is more conservative
to portray the quality of design and specification of the apartments. We used
a similar green to the colour used for the new top floor of the building with subtle spot UV gloss varnish to refer to the waterfront.


On the launch weekend, all 39 properties
in the first phase sold – one of the most successful launches in Bristol for many years. Phase 2 is due to be released late Summer 2015.











Latest > Wapping Wharf

Bringing the Harbour Back to Life

Having created the identity for the landmark Wapping Wharf project by Umberslade Property Land Asset Management back in 2006, Village have now been appointed to launch the first phase, which is a joint venture between Umberslade and Muse Developments.


The brief was to focus on the heritage of this important, historic area of Bristol, and the quality of the beautifully designed ‘wharf style’ buildings which will become a mix of one and two bedroom apartments, and units for independent retailers.


This first phase will be a catalyst for the regeneration of the former docks and will bring new life and vibrancy to the city, while creating an architecturally sensitive and appropriate addition to Bristol’s harbourside.


Amongst the marketing collateral we were able to take full advantage of the prominent location and create a high impact site hoarding, along with development brochures and website.


This is a dream come true for Village, to express our knowledge and expertise of the local area through our creativity, it’s great to be playing our part in the creation of a new harbourside community in Bristol.


Latest > Chartwell

Chartwell –
A New Chapter

"A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless"

Stephen King

Every company is unique and, to stand out clearly in a crowd, its brand needs to reflect its unique qualities. For us, a company’s brand is to be found at the heart of every type of communication it makes. From marketing materials, to serving customers, liaising with suppliers and even internal dialogue between staff. Brand touches everything.


A strong brand image is an extremely powerful asset; it represents the product and services of modern business. Clear, recognisable and representative branding gives confidence to the brand owner and its clients – it’s a hugely powerful asset. This is why successful businesses work hard at building their brands and present them in
a clear and consistent way.


A company’s ethos can be communicated through the tone of voice, font, colour palette, logo and even the quality of materials used (such as paper stock).
As designers, we concentrated on all of these areas when tasked with developing Chartwell’s brand.


Before putting pencil to paper, or mouse to Mac, we needed to understand the history and operating philosophy of Chartwell. We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to spend time with Chartwell – to get to know and understand the aspirations of the principals and company founders, Andrew and Stephanie Sheppard, and get under the skin of how their company operates.


We learnt that Andrew and Stephanie created Monaco-based Chartwell in 2000. Their business has grown exponentially since its inception, built on an unwavering commitment to providing the very highest levels of quality for their clientele. Like most successful businesses, their focus is entirely client-driven and they take pride in delivering exceptional service with an unassuming can-do attitude.


In addition to building a company that focused so closely on their own ideals of service and quality, the Sheppards linked their business to their own heritage. Chartwell was the home of Sir Winston Churchill – a family with whom Andrew has strong personal and historic connections.


All of these central elements forming Chartwell’s core are a great asset to a branding agency. Chartwell has a clear direction, strong ethos and rich heritage. Our role was to ensure the brand reflected this accurately.

Capturing this essence of a company
that is modern yet steeped in heritage, contemporary with traditional ideals was also an important element when choosing Chartwell’s font. All fonts create a different mood with their particular styles and character. We chose one that reflects the elegance and sophistication of Chartwell, along with its modern, no fuss approach to its work.














Colour forms an essential part of every brand and it is important to recognise its impact. It is often the first perception people have with a brand and, along with this perception, comes a host of emotional associations. When choosing colours to represent brands, we encourage our clients to think far beyond personal tastes and preferences. Colour can have a strong impact on mood. We worked closely with Chartwell to work as a device to help identify Chartwell’s sub-brands while still appearing part of the same family.


With a new brand in place, guidelines are needed to ensure the brand is always represented in the correct and most appropriate manner. We were fortunate that with Chartwell, this was easy to achieve as the company is true to its central ethos of understated excellence in all areas of its work. This was demonstrated to us when developing business cards with the new brand.


Just as Chartwell are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in their fields of expertise; whether building the world’s most exquisite bespoke desk or finding a buyer for a multi-million property without going to the market, the company was keen to create the highest quality business cards possible. Our production demands challenged one of the foremost printers in the country and included cards that had to be bonded, printed in custom colours, debossed, foiled, soft-touch laminated, with sprayed edges. And, like many of Chartwell’s projects, it had never been done before. The result is exquisite and stands testimony to Chartwell’s dedication to quality and eye for detail.
It is also the perfect summary of Chartwell’s business ethos; it is an example of Chartwell’s brand.


"Your brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business"

Warren Buffet

Latest > Digital Apps

App-Solutely Essential

Sales of digital tablets in the domestic market are projected to overtake laptops
by Q3 2013. Their use in business is also increasing rapidly and as such digital publications are now seen as viable alternatives to their traditionally printed counterparts and are fast becoming essential elements in all B2B, B2C and
B2E communications.


Produced in the form of an App, a digital brochure, report, presenter, training manual and in fact anything that used to be printed, is far more appealing and engaging to the reader, giving a truly enhanced and interactive experience.


Digital publication Apps contain more content with scrolling text, hot spots, dynamic images, animated graphics, videos, audio, augmented reality, links for email and websites, direct access to social media and much, much more.


Print and distribution costs are eliminated as they are easily downloaded from App stores on an open or password restricted basis. In addition, their effectiveness can
be measured with built-in analytics,
as downloads can be counted and their
use tracked.


We are currently producing digital publications for a number of our clients
in all three sectors. So don’t get left behind and please contact us if you would like
a demonstration.


Latest > Oakus

"It's not often I get

goose bumps from

a creative pitch"

(Colin Bloodworth, Head of Development Services at GreenSquare Group Ltd).

Oakus Homes are the Private and Affordable residential arm of GreenSquare Group. They build thoughtfully designed, traditional family homes that boast warmth and charm.


The brief was to reposition and re-brand Oakus in order to drive their products
and services, how people do their jobs, communications activities and the retail, work and web places they operate from. The brief also involved creating an integrated suite of designs for use in brochures, point of sale branding, signage, uniforms, printed media and the website.

It was important to build an easily recognised and trusted brand in a crowded market place and separate Oakus from the competition, whilst remaining professional and unambiguous.


Our solution produced uses pale and desaturated colours; concentrating on
the locations these homes will be built
in (Cotswold’s). The typeface used was timeless and modern, reflecting the style
of the developments and building methods. The logo is sophisticated and simple but to create a greater sense of identity and give
a more modern bias the typeface has
been customised.


The pitch was a success, the client couldn’t believe how well Village understood the brief compared to other agencies used previously.